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Seasonal transitions are hard on the foundations of our homes. The transition from the wet season to the dry—and vice versa—can cause our foundations to shift. In some cases those shifts are slight and will return to normal once the soil underneath the home settles. In other cases, that shifting can result in damage that is significant and permanent. Addressing the problem quickly can help prevent further damage to your home.

Providing Expert Foundation Repair Services in Lewisburg and Danville, PA

Terrell & Co Contracting has a proven history of providing house foundation repair services for clients residing in Lewisburg and Danville. We also serve other communities within the greater Susquehanna Valley. As a well-established General Contractor we are intimately familiar with the types of foundation issues that are commonly faced by the residents of our communities.

Homes in this part of the country are constructed with several different types of foundations. Repairing those different foundation types requires very specific sets of skills and experience. Our foundation repair expertise includes a variety of foundation types; including:

Concrete Foundations and Block Foundations

If your home’s concrete foundation (slab foundation) or block foundation has been damaged or degraded it is critical that the foundation be repaired as soon as possible. Delaying the needed repairs can often lead to further damage to the exterior and interior of your home. What are some of the signs that your concrete or block foundation may need repair?

  • Cracks in walls or on floors
  • Doors and/or windows that stick
  • Gaps between baseboards and floors
  • Floors that have a noticeable slope

When repairing your concrete or block foundation our repair crew will perform the work in stages. In most cases, those stages will consist of the following…

Property preparation: The exterior of you property is prepared by removing any vegetation required to permit foundation access and then excavating soil in certain areas from around the home.

Foundation repair: Depending on the nature of your problem, and your foundation type, your foundation will be repaired using the most appropriate repair techniques.

Validation: After the repair has been completed, and allowed to stabilize, a thorough inspection will be performed to insure the integrity of the repair work.

Cleanup: We respect your property and will ensure that all vegetation is returned and all debris is removed. We will leave your property the way we found it. The only difference will be that your foundation will be repaired!

Start with an Inspection

Having your house foundation inspected prior to beginning work is usually a prudent approach. We can inspect your home and its foundation and give you an honest assessment of i) the level of damage (if any), ii) a recommendation on the type of repair to employ, and iii) an estimate on cost and time. Our inspection will provide you with the information you need to make informed decisions.

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