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When deciding to invest in an interior remodeling project your first critical decision will be the selection of a contractor to perform the work. Your choice of contractor will set the tone for the entire project and will be the key determining factor in successfully bringing your visions to life.

Expert Remodeling Services for Residents of the Susquehanna Valley

Terrell & Co Contracting is an established General Contractor providing interior remodeling services for home owners residing in Lewisburg, Danville, and other boroughs within our lovely Susquehanna Valley. The breadth and depth of our experience sets us apart from many other contractors in this area of Pennsylvania. We bring our expertise to a wide range of remodel projects; including…

Home Theater Design and Construction

If you have a room within your home that you would like to convert to a home theater we have the proven expertise required to bring your vision to life. Building a home theater requires construction experience as well as component integration expertise. We have both.

While some contractors may be able to handle the construction aspects of home theater development, there are very few that have experience in the integration of all the media and electronic components that will comprise your theater environment. In many cases, the customer has to engage with a second service provider to handle the component integration work.

Terrell & Co Contracting can provide you with a turn-key solution. From design, to construction, to component integration, we will build a home theater that will provide your family with a dynamic and fully-integrated entertainment environment.

Kitchen and Bathroom Remodels

If you own an older home you may be concerned that your kitchen and/or bathrooms have fallen out of style. Or, maybe you just want a change. A successful kitchen or bathroom remodel can change the entire look and feel of your home.

From design, to construction, to finishing, our areas of expertise include:

  • Advice on sourcing of cabinets and hardware
  • Expert drywall work
  • Flooring and molding
  • Basic electrical
  • Cabinet refinishing
  • Countertop installation
  • And more….

Expert Consultation

Some of our clients come to us with firm visions of what they want in their remodeled kitchens or bathrooms. Some know exactly what they want in a new home theater. Other clients have loosely constructed visions of what they would like but need expert consultation to flesh out those ideas. Our experience has given us an extensive knowledge base from which to provide expert consultation to our clients. We can help convert those visions into concrete plans and layouts.

Respect and Trust

Unlike construction projects on the exterior of you house, interior projects require that you give workers access to the inside of your home. Interior projects also require robust planning in order to ensure the least amount of disruption to you and your family. It is critical for your peace of mind that you have confidence that your contractor will take all steps necessary to insure that your project is completed on schedule.

We respect our clients and we work hard to earn their trust. During the course of your project we will respect your home and be considerate of your needs. We will do everything possible to ensure that our work causes as little disruption as possible.

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