Kitchen Remodel, Orangeville, PA

This week we completed a kitchen remodel on a home in Orangeville. We replaced cabinets and floors floor, did minor plumbing and electrical work, and insulated the main floor / basement ceiling perimeter

Coffee bar
Cabinets and dishwasher

We had our kitchen remodeled, from top to bottom, and as the job was being done, added basement foam insulation to save energy. From the beginning, the pieces didn’t want to fit together. Pete kept us informed as Brian worked to get us better cabinets at a better price. While it delayed our project, Brian’s efforts gave us better use of our funds and a better final product. After installation the cabinet doors needed adjustment and when Pete came out to see the problem, was able to make it right.

Our project involved minor drywall work, minor electrical, new cabinets, new flooring, moldings and insulation. Brian’s crews were pleasant people who were comfortable to have in our home. They communicated with us as they worked and went through their problem solving. Brian visited several times from before the job through the end, and we benefitted from his work with better cabinets and flooring.

Homeowner, Orangeville, PA

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By Pete Terrell, ago