I did a major renovation including a new roof, sunken living room, laundry room and patio, and was apprehensive about finding the right contractor. Pete was able to draw out my ideas and make important suggestions that gave me a better project. Now the most worn part of my home is new and its greatest asset! Brian’s crews were excellent, making several improvements in the original plan. They were courteous and professional as well as efficient in their work. The project was finished on time with a single Change Order. I was part of the daily progress and the company treated me fairly. We are planning additional work.
Home Addition, Mifflinburg
Masonry Retaining Wall We had a serious water problem with the entire back yard draining toward the house. Our family room had water, causing us to worry about mold. Outside, our retaining wall, stairs and other landscape timbers were on their last legs. After discussing our needs, Pete recommended the timbers be replaced with masonry. Taking time to be careful, Pete visited several times and even had Brian visit before quoting the job. The final job included a swale to divert water in the back yard as well as a large capacity increase to drain water from our worst area in the driveway, structural repairs to our deck and a remodeled family room. The extra caution in planning paid off, as the project went as planned. Communication was constant, as they were on the job every day with no interruptions, and we got what we wanted. The family room is a good upgrade and dry, like all our previous problem areas. We have discussed the possibility of additional work.
Water Remediation + Masonry Retaining Wall, Danville
Our project involved an 8’ retaining wall that was leaning, with several concrete block broken and starting to cave in. Since our plan included selling the house by year’s end, we wanted a good job that was in line with the value of the house. Pete took care to plan our project, getting others in the organization to lend their experience. Having researched our problem thoroughly, we knew they quoted a comprehensive solution. In addition to backfilling the wall with crushed stone, they tapped into an existing drain to move large amounts of water away from the wall quickly. The portion of the wall that had moved was torn down and replaced with new block, and the whole wall was parged for strength and appearance. At this time, the wall is performing as expected, and we have had Pete and Brian back for a window repair.
Masonry Retaining Wall, Lewisburg
We have known Brian White for some time and he was the first to come to mind when we needed to add a bedroom on the third floor of our home. Brian sent Pete to our home to look at the project, and we came to agreement quickly. The project was done in a month’s time, including a walk-in closet, insulation, electrical, drywall, painting and flooring. They were on the job every day until it was completed. Shortly after our daughter moved into her new room, we learned we had a roof problem and we made arrangements to replace the roof. While the roof is both high and steep, we now have a new roof and commissioned the replacement of our front porch as well. The work was done to a high standard. Our home has undergone a substantial upgrade, so it is worth more and will serve us for years to come. Brian and Pete were easy to work with and flexed with our needs.
Attic + Bedroom + Metal Roof, Sunbury
Our project was to finish our basement to incorporate a weight lifting room, home theatre, bar and bath. Since the basement was unfinished, the walls had to be framed, circuits run for lighting and outlets, drywall installed, and painting performed. As we discussed the project, Pete was able to make suggestions that captured the look of a theatre and set us apart with the use of picture frame moldings and two custom-made bar cabinets. After the project closed we discovered a problem with an effluent pump which Brian’s men were able to fix by replacing the pump unit. Although it was the busy season, they worked us into the schedule to give us full use of the bath.
Home Theater + Bar, Danville
We have a young family and had a good idea of what we wanted in a home theatre room; I had already framed out the room for the contractor. Pete listened and took notes on what we wanted, made several suggestions, and translated that into a proposal we accepted. A good deal of wiring was required for the high and low level lights, screen, projector, speakers and outlets, so it was good they have and electrician on staff. The crews who did the work were cooperative and you could see their enthusiasm grow as the project moved along; they were courteous and very helpful. They kept us involved every day and management was on-site several times during the job. In the end we got what we wanted and got it on time. The final project gave us tiered seating, outlets with USB connectors to charge phones and computers, high and low level colored lighting, a retractable screen, and invisible housing for the projector. The tray ceiling makes it stand out! Our theatre is also heated and cooled. We appreciate the communication and attention to our needs.
Home Theater, Danville
I was looking for a contractor to remodel my kitchen to update it and make it look fresh and new. From the beginning Pete got this and steered me toward refinishing my beautiful cabinets instead of replacing them. This was a major saving, and the result was as good as new cabinets would have been. Brian’s crews took my cabinet doors back to their shop for a couple days and made them beautiful again, with the wood matching the cabinet face frames. At Pete’s suggestion we also moved the cabinets and appliances to make more counter space. We also replaced my laminate countertops with solid surface from a local cabinetmaker. I now have a beautiful kitchen with more counter space and a more valuable home. Pete and Brian were easy to work with and provided good value; this job would have cost more almost anywhere else.
Kitchen Remodel, Danville
Cabinets and dishwasher We had our kitchen remodeled, from top to bottom, and as the job was being done, added basement foam insulation to save energy. From the beginning, the pieces didn’t want to fit together. Pete kept us informed as Brian worked to get us better cabinets at a better price. While it delayed our project, Brian’s efforts gave us better use of our funds and a better final product. After installation the cabinet doors needed adjustment and when Pete came out to see the problem, was able to make it right. Our project involved minor drywall work, minor electrical, new cabinets, new flooring, moldings and insulation. Brian’s crews were pleasant people who were comfortable to have in our home. They communicated with us as they worked and went through their problem solving. Brian visited several times from before the job through the end, and we benefitted from his work with better cabinets and flooring.
Kitchen Remodel, Orangeville